Can't install Carsifi app from Play store on Pixel 7a

Car model(year):
Corolla 2023 (Europe)
Phone model(Android version):
Google Pixel 7a, Android 14, system & apps upto-date
Carsifi adapater firmware version:
Issue description:
I can’t install Carsifi app, Play store claims it’s not available for my phone.

Strange. Works on my Pixel 7. Istalling was no Problem. Maybe because i transferred from my old phone. Needed to connect via cable, before it worked.

Have you tried downloading the apk file and installing it manually? The latest version I can find is 1.5.15 but perhaps once it’s installed, it can be updated by the app itself.

I have Pixel 7 as well (my private phone) and Carsifi app works on it. Pixel 7a is my business phone and due to company’s policy I can install apps solely from Google Play Store.

@goofy, you only need the Carsifi app working on one phone. It’s only used to set up the parameters on the Carsifi unit and is not required for actual operation of the unit.

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