Calls don't automatically go to receiver

chevy malibu (2011):
galaxy s21 ultra(12):
firmware 1.8.0:

calls through adapter not working:

So everything works perfectly no lag or sound quality issues but when I place a call it goes to my handset. I have to also connect my Bluetooth to my radio receiver (atoto sa102) then calls work through the speaker system but it’s inconvenient because everything else is seamless. Even when I connect to the carsifi adapter I make sure calls and audio are turned on in my Bluetooth settings when I connect the device. Any advice on how to fix this so that when I turn the car on it automatically connects to Bluetooth and I don’t have to manually connect my phone to my head unit to hear calls through my car radio system.

Are you using the beta version or the public version of android auto ?
Anything else connected to the phone ? (watch, …)

I’m using standard play store version of android auto no beta and yes I do have watch connected as well but but I tried again today without wearing watch and it still doesn’t connect Bluetooth at all actually, I can’t use the adapter unless my wifi is turned on it won’t connect to Bluetooth at all even through the carsifi app. And when it does connect via wifi I have to pair my phone to the stereo as well to hear calls through the speakers