Beware...Unsatisfactory Customer service


This is a repeat of a message sent to Carsifi previously, I may have to expand my audience.

I purchased a Carsifi AA device January 6, 2023.
It worked well but In early August of 2023 I reported issues …when using the device in my car and wirelessly connected with Android Auto it was constantly shutting down, it was not a case of ‘dropping out’, it would just shut down just as if I have turned off the ignition.
Obviously, I reported it and Carsifi responded with a 12 point list in an attempt to correct to the issue on August 4th 2023. I proceeded through the list as time permitted.
Carsifi advised me (16 August) that the device must be faulty and instructions were issued for returning it and a refund would follow once it was received.
I responded thus: …Please be advised that testing is continuing, I don’t wish to return the item until I have tried all the suggestions you have provided….I expect there will be some delay until tests completion.
It took me around some time to go through the list, I was unsuccessful in correcting the issue, I reported back to Carsifi.
The item was returned, Carsifi acknowledged receipt of the Carsifi Android Auto and advised a credit would follow.
Despite many enquires no refund has been received…emails to Carsifi are now ignored.

I attempted to claim a refund via Paypal but sadly the time limit had passed….this was caused in part, by the time it took for me to procced through the list Carsifi had given me in an attempt to correct the issue.
I should mention I purchased another Wireless AA device of another brand in late August 2023 and have not had problems, it is now June 2024, it is now July 2024. Stay tuned.