Android Auto not connecting to wireless with 10.2 version

As the title mentions, there is a topic with 10.2 versions of Android Auto, all versions, release, beta, daily. It just refuse to connect to wireless while wired connection works fine.
I downgraded to 10.1 and wireless is back on.

It’s an AA tipic, the Carsifi dongle works fine.

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Yes, can’t connect with latest Android auto.

Hope they fix it… Carsifi has been very quiet since last firmware update.

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Downgrade to 10.1 Android Auto and it will work. Clearly I am also waiting for Google to fix it.

I had to wait for latest firmware for Carsifi the last time this happened. So I believe its needs fixing on Carsifi side.

Alright! latest android auto beta is working again with Carsifi!

I confirm it is working again with 10.3 daily beta of Android Auto.

Topic returned with latest daily version 10.3.133304 of Android Auto.