Adapter tries to access Samsung secure folder over and over

2020 Hyundai ioniq
Samsung Galaxy s9 Androud 10
Firmware Version 1.8.0

When the adapter connects to my phone it tries to access the samsung secure folder. Minimizing the login screen for secure folder causes it to attempt access again a few seconds later. I am not comfortable with the device accessing the secure folder. At the very least, it is an annoyance when it interrupts what I was doing with the phone, and at most it is an invasion of privacy since the secure folder contains materials behind a secondary password-protected barrier. It is not android auto attempting to access the secure folder since this does not happen with a wired connection. I can’t understand why the device would need access to the secure folder, or what it could be attempting to access at all. I would appreciate if the device would ignore the secure folder, or if there is an option I could turn on to prevent it from attempting to access the secure folder.