Adapter bricked with pale blue led

FW: 1.10.0
Renault Captur with R-link 1 system
One plus Nord 5G phone
AA works fine with wired connection.

Used the adapter for 6 days. It connected fine the first few times, then started to delay up to 5 minutes before connecting with the phone. One way to speed up the process was to pull the USB plug and reconnect it after the car was started. The adapter stayed with the pale blue light led, then after reconnecting the USB it turned darker blue and then the green flash and connect process. Tried to enable the power sense mode via bluetooth connection, set wifi country code, usb modes etc. Tried to reset the adapter. The need to pull the plug in order to make it connect persisted untill the 6th day when it didn’t change the led from the pale blue at all. Tried the factory reset option, but no response to the 15 clicks on the Magic button. Anybody else experienced this? Any connect/button click sequence that can unlock it? Or is it just a hardware failure and a lost case?

Don’t waste your time. I have 2 Carsifi adapters that stopped working. Spent hours trying to figure them out. No luck. Bought two Motorola MA-1 adapters they work flawlessly. Never had any problems that I had with Carsifi. Buy the Motorola adapter if you want reliable wireless Android Auto!!! By the way tried to get my money back for the two adapters… radio silence. Good Luck!!!

Thanks for sharing your experience.
I’ve got response from Carsifi support on the issue, it seems they will provide a replacement for the bricked one. Question about the Motorola’s - have you tested them against android 9 phones? The Motorola spec says android 11 or higher, but is it just related to the lack of wireless AA in the older versions unless you turn developer mode?

Experiencing a similar issue, plug it in and it will work for a few minutes then the unit seems to reboot and gets stuck with the pale blue LED. Support is very unresponsive, been waiting for a response for 3 weeks on my ticket that I have open.

I suppose you would be left a chance of resetting the adapter if it works when you plug in, either the “soft” reset or the factory reset. Have you tried that? :slightly_smiling_face: Mine is just stuck with pale blue led no matter what I do with power on/off, magic button click and hold, 15 clicks for factory reset or any other combination imagined.