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2021 Buick Enclave
Google Pixel 6 Android 13
Firmware Version 1.10.0

I have not been able to connect and use my Carsifi Adaptor since I installed Firmware Version 1.9.1. I have gone through all the suggested trouble shooting procedures and steps multiple times and I get no satisfactory results. I can paired my phone to the Adaptor just fine but when I then plug the Adaptor into the car USB it searches but says “No phone found”. I had previously removed my phone from the car head unit as per the instructions expecting the Adaptor to “see” the Adaptor paired to the phone as “the phone” but evidently that is not happening. I am about ready to try one of the other manufacturers products! This Adaptor was great when it was working but I haven’t been able to use it since July - that is 4 months ago! Anybody out there with some suggestions about how to get this Adaptor working again?

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Can you please share the firmware version of your car headunit. If you can provide the photo, it will be awesome.

P.S.: usually this information is in settings->about, etc.