Aa not appearing on cars multimedia screen

Hi, my first post so be gentle :relaxed: I’ve ha my carsifi 2 weeks now, setup was straight forward and worked straight away but on 4 occasions now my phone has connected to carsifi as soon is I get in the car but no AA appears on my cars multimedia screen
I’ve deleted everything and reinstalled and this seems to sort the problem but after a couple of drives the problem happens again, any ideas would be appreciated :+1:

I had a similar problem - turned out that I had plugged Carsifi into a USB port that wasn’t an AA port for my vehicle.

The usb port I’m using is directly under the multimedia system so I can’t see it being that but I’ll check, I read somebody had similar problems and he turned the screen saver off on his phone, I’ve turned mine off and it hasn’t happened since, 4 days now touch wood :+1:

Spoke too soon, it went off driving home from work, well back to the drawing board

What phone model do you have?

Samsung galaxy a53 , ,

I’ve experiencing a similar issue. When I initially setup Carsifi, it worked fine, but now it refuses to show on my MMI. I have an Audi A3 (2018). I’ve tried the factory reset but nothing seems to work. If I connect my mobile (to the same USB socket as the Carsifi) the AA menu item appears… super frustrating