2021 Chevrolet Bolt Premier working (and a couple minor issues)

I have Carsifi working with the following settings (issues noted at the bottom)
(Firmware 1.9.0)
Default settings except:
Troubleshooting → Intercept AA Protocol: Off
Troubleshooting → Auto USB mode detect: Off
Troubleshooting → USB Connection mode: Accessory

Current issues:

  1. The Bolt keeps the USB powered on, so it had the issue where my phone would launch AA / connect to carsifi while I was in my house. This has improved slightly with the feature fix in 1.9.0 that checks for bluetooth connection to the car. Still get notified sporadically by Carsifi app that it is not connecting because it is looking for bluetooth. I usually just unplug the usb cable when I get out of my car.

  2. AA resolution is a little off from full-screen. For example, say If I plug in to use AA wired, my screen dpi would be 800x400. Through Carsifi, it would be 800x375. Still fully functional and usable, but there’s a black bar along the bottom of the AA screen betweeen it and my car’s touch-screen buttons.to control climate. Can’t adjust resolution because I have to disable Intercept AA Protocol in order to get it to work at all.